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Nautical Compasses

This collection of fine Solid Brass hand crafted compasses represent probably the finest reproductions of the original traditional nautical compasses, and make ideal gifts for those who love the sea.

6" Brass Alidade Compass 40.40

4" Brass Sundial Compass 25.50

Brass Compass in box 25.50

3" Brass Clino Meter Compass 18.50

Brass 4" Ships Compass 28.90

Brass 9" Alidade Compass 47.80

5" Brass Compass 33.20

Brass 3.5" Clino Meter Compass 19.50

3" Paperweight Compass.12.70

Brass 5" Swing Compass 17.50

Brass 6" Gimbal Compass 20.50

Brass Binnacle Compass with Lamp 62.90

Brass 10" Ball Compass 36.75

4" Brass Survey Compass 25.50

Brass 2.5" Gandhi Compass 15.30

Brass 8" Ships Wheel Compass 25.50

Brass and Wood Wheel Compass 22.60

8" Brass Hanging Compass 23.20

5.5" Brass Ships Compass 15.80

Brass 5.5" Differencial Compass 28.90

2" Brass Gandhi Compass 12.70

2" Brass Pocket Compass with flap 9.00

2" Brass Pocket Compass no flap 7.20

3" Brass Pocket Compass with flap 10.40

3" Brass Pocket Compass without flap 9.00

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