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10" Telescope on brass stand 38.90
ships telescopes and other nautical and executive gifts
13" Telescope on wooden stand 59.90
captains telescope from our collection of nautical gifts and executive presents
18"x 2" Brass and Wood Taper Telescope 29.50

 ships telescope picture

18" Brass Telescope on 30" Stand 74.10
telescope picture
Brass 6" Telescope 11.20

telescope picture

Brass 18" Telescope 30.50

telescope picture

Brass 32" Telescope 63.00

telescope picture

8" Brass Bincolulars 49.90

Nautical binoculars and other nautical gifts from our nautical gift shop

4" Brass Binoculars 15.75
Binoculars and other executive gifts from our nautical gift shop

Telescopes and nautical optical instruments from the nautical gift store                Nautical telescopes and binocularas from our nautical gift store

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